Hakkasan - Book Offer Container 000.jpg
 To attract some of the top architects in the world, Hakkasan approached me to design a container to house their invitation to bid for the design of their new hotel in Dubai.   
 The case is made from bamboo plywood that has been etched with a CNC laser cutter.
Hakkasan - Book Offer Container 004.jpg
 3D renderings of the final design, presented to, and approved by Hakkasan.
 CNC laser etched bamboo piece pre stain.
 Hakkasan tasked me to create a book cover to house a marketing package that was being presented to their top resident DJ, Calvin Harris.
 All logos are CNC machined and hand polished.
Calvin Harris 003.5.jpg
 3D rendering package presented to client.
 Laser etching and stain prototype.
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